Resources for Drought Planning and Adaptation

USDA Drought Assistance: Disaster and drought
updates, assistance, information and maps.
Small Business Administration: Information on
disaster loans and drought disaster assistance.
USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service:
Information on crop progress and condition
in Nevada.
Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch: Information
strategies, and resources for managing drought
on the ranch from National Drought Mitigation Center.
NRCS- Tackling Drought with Conservation:
News, assistance, and incentive programs
to help mitigate drought impacts.
NRCS State Basin Outlook Reports: Water supply
outlook reports issued the first of each month Jan-May.
National Interagency Coordination Center Fire
Fire potential outlooks for various
time intervals.
U.S. Drought Portal: Products, tools, programs
and resources for managing drought.
Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin: Information on
weather, climate, and agricultural developments.
Charts and tables of agrometorological information. Climate visualization tools,
articles and videos.